A Letter to My Body

My newest article for the Odyssey can be found here: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/letter-of-love

For this week’s article, I decided to write a letter to my body. I was inspired by a piece written by a friend who has courageously decided to be open about her struggles and successes with her own eating disorder. Julia has made an amazing video about body positivity that you should definitely watch!
I have come a long way, and so have so many of the amazing people I’ve met along my road to recovery. I’d like to dedicate this to each one of you; you are so brave, strong, and beautiful, and I love you.

One thought on “A Letter to My Body

  1. A beautifully heartfelt piece written from the core, encouragement not only to people with eating disorders but with any challenge in life, that all is surpasable in some way, even if it is not I’m others. Keep on going and stay strong!

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