Hiraeth: A Book of Poetry

The year of 2016 will go down in history for many reasons, mostly because of all the horrible, ridiculous, unbelievable nonsense that happened during its 366 day run. While I’m perhaps not going to have an article written about my struggles in a famous magazine (and wow how I don’t wish for that to happen), I definitely went through some extremely trying and frightening times this year.

But through it all, just as it has always been, writing was there for me. In this specific case, I’m referring to my poetry.

One day late last year (thank goodness 2016 is no longer with us, rest in the most tiny and shattered of pieces) I decided to compile all of my recovery poetry, from the very beginning of when this began to escalate until the close of the year. You can see the transition as I make my way through the darkest of times to moments of hopefulness and happiness. It’s extremely personal, but that’s because it comes from the core of who I am. And I couldn’t be prouder or more excited to be able to share it with you. This link to purchase a copy (there are multiple options, varying quite greatly in price due to the length of the book and Blurb’s policies) is right below (and, like I said, because I’m cheeky, also in the sidebar)

Thank you so much ❤