Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Well hello there! 👋

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Yes, I am in fact alive, here to revive this blog… admittedly not as majestically as Gene Wilder’s Young Frankenstein, but still.

And I’ve come back bearing a present… a brand new, shiny Odyssey article! 🎉

I fully embraced my inner nerd for this one. Big glasses and Shakespeare fan club badge and all. 🤓 But I think it’s absolutely something that will get everyone ruminating.

Our universe is an enormous, brilliant, mysterious expanse. And over the years, there have been countless theories about its origins, its elements, and what it all means. They’re all massively complex and often somewhat ludicrous sounding because of their subject matter, but one in particular has stood the test of time. That’s Plato’s Theory of Forms. I was absolutely fascinated by it from the moment I discovered it. And it reminded me so much of Macbeth’s famous “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” speech that I had to make the connection in the way only an ardent aesthete could. I’m really proud of this piece, and I hope it makes you stop and think, hopefully in a beautiful, unique way, just like you each are ❤

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

It would mean so much to me if you gave it a read, and if you like it enough, share it! There are buttons at the top of the article’s page you can click to do just that. Thank you! 😊

(image credit to Voga360)


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