Paper Birds


… no one says “woot woot,” Emma.

Gotta march to the beat of your own drum, though, right? Except mine isn’t a drum. It’s more like the entirety of an electronic keyboard when you select the “sounds” setting. Jingles, knocks, screams, cymbals, shouts, laughs, thunks, crashes, and the occasional legitimate musical note.

I digress. I’m very good at going on and on when I want to, which, fortunately enough, is what helped me write this article! Ahem.

Imagine you’re holding a book.

It’s an extremely, extremely limited edition. So limited, actually, that there’s only one in existence.
Yes, this is the story of your life. How cliché, right?
Except that it’s not; it’s your life’s narrative.

Nothing like it will ever be told again.

I’d love it if you gave this little story a read and a share itself! If you’d like to share it, there are links at the top of the article page that you can use to do so! Much love


(image via Pinterest)


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