About the Creator & Author


Hi! I’m Emma Clark, the dorky looking girl in all those pictures. I’m officially 21 years old (holy guacannoli… ew, two foods that should not be put together) and I’m extremely passionate about my writing and my artwork. These were talents that were given to me for a reason, and I intend to use them well, both for my benefit and for the smiles and happiness of others. I was attending the University of Massachusetts (hehe, Sassachusetts) Amherst, and was a sophomore majoring in English (surprise) with a desire to declare a creative writing focus and perhaps add supplemental majors and minors such as studio art and Spanish. Unfortunately, I was forced to take medical leave at the beginning of December 2015 due to severe complications from my depression, anxiety, OCD, and BPD, but most of all, my anorexia.

My life may be on hold right now as I work to recover physically, mentally, and emotionally, but that hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my dream. What is my dream?

My dream is simple yet complex.

I want to illustrate pictures with words and write images with words.

I want to make light appear out of shadows, add the “extra” to the ordinary, give shape to the lifeless and the formless, and create everything magic out of nothingness.

This blog will chronicle my journey. My thoughts. My words. My life. I’ll talk about mental disorders, school, writing, art, karate, family, friends, day to day experiences, memories… all the parts of my life. I’ll show my creations, whether that be poetry, prose writing, or tangible art of some kind. These are all pieces of who I am that I want to share with you, from the very heart. It’s a unique blog, because I have a unique story. Allow me to tell it to you. 

My supporters mean the world to me, so please read and enjoy and follow me along this path. 💜✨