La Regina

La Regina

We cannot see the stars shining in the sky unless night has fallen and the great expanse above us has grown dark with the end of another day

And in fact, the deeper the shadows, the brighter they glow, illuminating all the paths and possibilities in front of us.

The same is true for people who pattern our lives like constellations with their smiles that gleam and their eyes that sparkle

Ebullient laughter that buoys us and keeps the ships of our spirits afloat even upon the most turbulent and tumultuous of seas

Like the waters that carried us both to where our paths eventually crossed about a year ago, when two complete strangers first met one another.

If our lives were like the fairy tales we both grew up with, we would be as thin as the individual pages our stories were

But starving, hating, and slowly killing yourself are far from the romanticized, rose colored visions they are so often made to be

There are no happy endings, nor vibrant colors, and the only crown that will ever sit atop your head is one made of thorns.

I met you in the middle of a waking nightmare so bleak and empty of hope, it was as if I was locked in an abyss, forgetting what light looked like

And then there you were, in the midst of your own cimmerian war you did not sign up to fight, yet beaming more brilliantly than the sun

The spark in the bottom of someone’s soul, the resplendent rays gently reaching out, the warmest waiting embrace, the queen of all stars, la regina.

You gifted everyone simply with your presence, so the least I could do was give you a gift of a poem, much like this one, in return

Where I told you that you were a butterfly and only needed to believe in your beautiful self in order to take off and fly.

Well, my darling best friend, you have reached your birthday, which means that you have grown older, stronger, wiser, braver, and bolder

Though I know that, despite how easily all those who are close to you can see your effortless effervescence, it sometimes evades your eyes.

Just as all the world knows that a caterpillar will undergo a dramatic transformation it cannot possibly comprehend nor plan for

Not until it has left the past behind, broken out of its cage-like chrysalis, and undergone its metamorphosis, does it recognize its true form

It does not know what it is to be aloft on the air, nor does it have any reason to believe in its new identity other than hope.

Lovely angel, this is exactly what you, too, must do, as you begin a new year of the incredible journey you are destined to live

You must unfurl your dazzling gossamer wings and trust the love inside your heart to carry you to new heights, new dreams, and even new stars.

To my amazingly kind, generous, selfless, funny, sweet, resilient, talented, and beautiful-in-every-single-way best friend Brianna, I wish you a twenty-third year made of nothing but happiness and discovery, and a life where each day is better than the one before and filled with limitless love like what I have, and will always have, for you ❤

P.S. Go and follow the blog written by the gorgeous birthday girl in that picture, called Little Girl, Big Impact 🙂


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