Why You Need to Be Your Own Valentine First

Here it is! My latest Odyssey article, just in time for February 14th.
I’m so proud of this piece, not only because I ended up retyping the whole damn thing, but because of how it turned out. I wanted to write something heartfelt, and I hope that I’ve done that. I wish for you to realize just how loved you are, how deserving you are of that, and how much you should show that same love to yourself. Candy, flowers, jewelry, and dates are all nice things, but they’re temporary. Accepting, caring for, honoring, and respecting yourself will always last. And it is a beautiful thing.
I would so appreciate it if you read and shared this!
Have a happy Valentine’s Day… and may every day be happy. ❤

5 thoughts on “Why You Need to Be Your Own Valentine First

  1. That is a lovely piece of writing, heartwarming and true. Thank you for sharing (and reminding a grumpy git that life too can be okay/great/fantastic, as long as the git sees himself as more than just the grump and the git part)

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