A Fight for Air


Hi everyone! My mum Kathy Clark will be participating in the Fight for Air Climb to benefit the ALA (American Lung Association) on the morning of February 4th. She’ll be climbing in honor of her mother; my nana, Ann Earabino. That’s her lovely face in the picture. 😊 

Nana’s maiden name was Anastasia Cavanaugh; my middle name is after her, and I think about her every day. 

In September, my mum, along with her three siblings, lost her mother at the age of only 70 due to complications from metastatic lung cancer.

I was fortunate enough to be able to meet my nana, but only when I was very little, and for a very short part of my life. Even the years my family was able to spend with her were far more abbreviated than they should have been. 

Lung cancer takes the lives of over 150,000 Americans each year, and countless more across the world. The ALA is dedicated to helping educate others about this disease, assist those affected, and to eventually eradicate it.

But they can’t do it without support, especially monetary donations. These donations will be used to fund programs, research, groups, and other vital components of a successful fight against this awful disease.

So please, donate to my mother’s personal cause! The link to do so is provided above. There will be a red button reading “Donate Now”; simply click that and then follow the forthcoming instructions.

Any amount, big or small, is extremely helpful. And the more raised, the better. Both for my mum, her family, my beautiful Nana, and all those suffering from lung cancer. 

It’s so important to do what you can to help, and this climb is one of the most positive actions to take. It would be wonderful and so kind of you to support her as she does this, and I know that your generosity will mean the world to her and countless others it may help.

Here’s the link one more time!


Thank you! ❤


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