This one was the most requested… so here it is!

These are a variety of clothing items featuring another one of my original drawings and a quote from one of my own poems! The image is of a woman in profile adorned with flowers at the base, surrounded by the quote. This design has extremely clean, sharp, and defined edges that really make it pop thanks to the contrast between the black and the white. It would definitely make a wonderful and unique addition to your wardrobe!

I’m offering products with the attached drawing on it, along with a quote from my poem A Message From the Heart:

woman with flowers.jpg

I’m currently only offering them in women’s options, given the design and that there seems to be a general demand for my women’s items over men’s. But if enough people would like them, I can very easily create apparel for whoever would like to wear this wonderful design!

The links are below. It would mean the world to me if you purchased one! As always, they come from the heart and are truly special to me; I hope you enjoy them! (Women’s T-Shirt) (Women’s LS T-Shirt) (Women’s Tank Top) (Women’s Sweatshirt)

And just as one final note, here’s the post that contains all the links to my other products: Wolf Mandala Clothing Items Available Now!

And here’s the link to the general store:

Thank you so much ❤


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