100 Things to be Grateful For

As the title suggests, this is a list I decided to make today of 100 things to be grateful for. A lot of the time I get caught up in the idea of pursuing perfection. I don’t live in the moment; I find myself stuck in either the past or the future, wondering about what I could have changed or what might be. I forget to be thankful for all the little things that make life so wonderful. So many people are not fortunate enough to have a lot of the things listed; I’ve decided to really appreciate all the things I’m fortunate enough to have. Today I’m taking the time to think about the stuff that makes me grateful I’m alive. You only get one shot at living, so make the best of it. Hopefully this helps lift someone’s spirits, even if it’s just a little bit.

  1. The fact that the sun rises and sets the sky on fire every morning
  2. Your beating heart
  3. Your functioning lungs
  4. Puppies
  5. Kittens
  6. All small furry creatures, really
  7. Ice cream
  8. Pizza
  9. Family
  10. Friends
  11. The smell of rain on the wind
  12. Petrichor (that’s the smell of rain as it hits the pavement; it’s my favorite smell)
  13. Scented candles
  14. Warm, summer days
  15. Brisk, colorful fall days
  16. Snowy, cozy days in front of a fire
  17. Your ability to nourish your body
  18. Music
  19. Your ability to see all the beauty in the world around you
  20. Your ability to hear all the amazing things surrounding you
  21. Your ability to taste all the incredible things available to you
  22. Hugs
  23. Kisses
  24. Love and romance
  25. The way your heart swells when you’re proud of something you accomplished
  26. Giving gifts
  27. And receiving presents, because that’s always fun too
  28. Giving compliments
  29. And receiving compliments, since that always feels nice
  30. Clothing
  31. A roof over your head
  32. The sound of rain drumming on the roof as you fall asleep
  33. The ability to sleep in general
  34. Fans and air conditioning, especially on hot, humid days like this
  35. Words and writing
  36. Books
  37. Movies
  38. Laughter
  39. Bad jokes
  40. Good jokes
  41. The city; all the people, smells, sights, and noises that suffuse your senses
  42. The peacefulness of somewhere rural
  43. The moon shining brightly in the sky at night
  44. All the stars in the sky that twinkle down at you
  45. The fact that we have an inhabitable planet
  46. People who do good deeds for others out of the generosity of their heart
  47. Food and clothing drives
  48. Altruism
  49. The ability to sing, even if you’re not good at it
  50. The beach on a gorgeous summer day
  51. Your strong bones that support your body
  52. Your powerful legs that carry you through your journey
  53. Your beautiful smile that stretches across your face
  54. Your cellulite; yes, even that, because it protects you and keeps you warm
  55. Holidays
  56. Parties
  57. Education
  58. The myriad of facts and knowledge that have the potential to be learned
  59. All the amazing things that have yet to be discovered
  60. Warm blankets
  61. Making new friends
  62. Reuniting with old friends
  63. That surge of happiness you get when someone understands you
  64. Magic tricks
  65. Dancing, even if it’s terribly
  66. Babies of all sorts
  67. The ocean
  68. The forest
  69. Nature
  70. Birds singing as you wake up in the morning
  71. The simple fact that you are able to wake up every morning
  72. Doctors and other professionals who devote their lives to helping others
  73.  Sunshine
  74. The ability to exercise and feel healthy
  75. Your health and well-being
  76. Photography and photos that help us remember wonderful moments
  77. Memories and the ability to remember
  78. Amusement parks
  79. Delicious food
  80. Cooking, even if you practically burn the house down
  81. Painting
  82. Art in general
  83. All the kindness in the world, of which we often lose sight
  84. Television
  85. Clean, fresh water
  86. The radio
  87. Social media, when used properly
  88. Little toddlers learning how to walk
  89. Grandparents meeting their first grandchild
  90. Parents welcoming their first child into the world
  91. Stuffed animals
  92. All the different, unique, incredible languages spoken across the world
  93. The view from the top of a mountain
  94. Hair that can be curly, straight, multicolored, anything you want
  95. Scars, because they show the battles you’ve overcome and survived
  96. Elderly couples
  97. The feeling you get when you’re able to brighten someone’s day
  98. Crying because you’re laughing so hard you’re not even making sound
  99. Adventures and new, exciting experiences
  100. And just like it does in the morning, when the sun sets the world ablaze at night.

2 thoughts on “100 Things to be Grateful For

  1. I cannot agree with 1 and 100 more. Seeing the sun set whilst playing some serene music in the background really does make existence seem like a beautiful thing. Along with all the other sensory stuff on your list.

    How long did it take you to come up with this list out of interest? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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