What is “Healthy”?


What does it mean to be healthy? The answer isn’t easy or simple. This is partly due to the fact that everyone probably has a different picture in their head of what healthy looks like.

First, I turned to the internet, because there had to be some truth there, right? (just a little bit of sarcasm)

And here’s how the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “healthy”:

 Healthy: sound, wholesome, robust, hale, well mean enjoying or indicative of good health. Healthy implies full strength and vigor as well as freedom from signs of disease.”

Okay. So “healthy” refers to having good health. Well, duh.

So let’s try searching for “health” instead.

Here’s how Wikipedia defines “health”:

Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. In humans it is the ability of individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage when facing physical, mental or social challenges.”

Alright, that’s a little bit more specific. So health is not only a state of being, but also the ability to maintain said state of wellness.

So “healthy” then refers to the good physical, mental, and emotional appearance of an individual. And logic would imply that it looks different for everyone, since each body is a unique machine.

But I’m sure when I say “healthy”, some sort of image pops into your mind. Maybe you imagine someone who’s made of muscle and can lift practically anything. Maybe it’s someone who’s thin and can run a mile before you can say “go”. Maybe it’s someone who’s got abs like a washboard and about 0% body fat. Maybe it’s someone who’s always smiling. Maybe it’s someone who eats a very balanced diet. Maybe it’s a combination of some or all of these things.

Last night I was watching the Olympic trials, amazed at how incredible all of these athletes are. They are competing at the highest level there is for a chance to represent their country on the world’s greatest stage.

And l felt inspired. Will I ever be in the shape these athletes are in? Probably not.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t do the most that I am capable of doing.

Karate has been a part of my life for almost thirteen years now. And I’ve always loved it. I used to play soccer, dance, and take gymnastics, and don’t get me wrong: I’ve loved all of these things too. But karate has always been my favorite. It’s what I’ve always come back to.

I’ve always been in awe of martial artists who are at the level where they can represent their school in competitions. I was fortunate enough to meet one of these competitors when I was a little younger, and believe me, that was inspirational as anything.

So last night, sitting up in my pajamas, having wiped off my makeup after having my evening snack and brushed my teeth and such, and watching these  unbelievable people compete, I felt inspired again. I wanted to do more than recover. I wanted to be able to do things that I have only ever dreamed of being capable of. I want to compete as a martial artist.

I know I’m a long way from that point. It will take countless hours of training and endless amounts of practice. But I am officially committed to taking this step, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.


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