The Girl

do you see that girl standing alone in the corner over there, shuffling her feet and her words?

look at the way she folds her arms across herself as if she is attempting to hold two halves of a whole together that want nothing more to be apart

and how she studies the floor with an intensity that could rival thunderstorms that split the sky with brilliant strikes of lightning, fracturing it into a thousand tiny pieces

like a dish shattering against the floor with a crash that reverberates through your head like a gunshot

watch as she lifts her gaze from the staccato wooden floorboards patterning the ground beneath her feet to send a forlorn gaze piercing through your heart like an arrow

there are skeletons in her eyes that rattle their bones eerily and monsters in her mind that cast their shadows out in front of her

what if I told you that I am that girl in the corner, desperately wishing I could fold in on myself until I disappear

trying with every fiber of my being to keep myself in one piece though my heart is splitting apart at the seams that I have sewn into it

every inch is pure agony, every breath sends a clap of pain rushing through my body like a tidal wave of emotion

liquid fire coursing through my veins, poisoning my mind and leaving an indelible imprint on my soul

and my heart beats a violent tattoo against my chest, reiterating a rhythm that resonates throughout my whole body

not enough, it whispers, never enough

but sometimes this girl with fragile little bones and shuffling feet remembers that she possesses an unbreakable spirit

and she raises her voice to drown out her demons, saying, more than enough.”


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