Stars in My Eyes

I want someone to look at me like the stars shine in my eyes

Like by my light they can see everything more clearly

As if I illuminate even the darkest and most desperate of skies

Brilliantly lighting up the night with my happiness

To tell me that he’d like to lie in the curve that is my smile

And wrap me in his arms to protect me from the hurt

Just lay together and forget the world for a little while

I want someone to tell me the sun rises and sets with my breathing

Like every time I speak the trees bend to listen

Who laughs aloud and spins me round like we’re dancing

As he catches me by surprise with a reminder of how beautiful I am

I want someone who holds me as if he will never let go

And the waves crash and fall with the rhythm of my heart

To wipe my tears from the sadness that I have always known

As he promises me that I will never be broken as long as he’s there

I want someone to look at me like the stars shine in my eyes

Dazzling and sparkling in a wide expanse of blue 

As if simply I make him feel as though he can fly

And loves me infinitely for the person that I truly am.”


3 thoughts on “Stars in My Eyes

  1. What a beautiful feeling that would be. It reminds me of Sabrina (the film) where Audrey Hepburn’s character, the chauffeur’s daughter is terribly, terribly in love with the young master of the house but cannot attract his attention. “I might as well be reaching for the moon” she comments.


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