Mirror Mirror

my reflection stares back at me with malice in her eyes

I’ve become a different person; someone I don’t recognize

her need for control burns my bones and sets my heart ablaze

in my mindlessness I’ve lost count of the passing days

my reflection looks back at me with complete vacancy

there is a terrifying fear deep inside her that I can’t see

a chorus of hateful voices reverberates in my head

it’s impossible to look past the lies to the truth instead

my reflection examines me with a detached coldness

any attempt to strike back is never met with success

her desperation makes my pulse flutter and my hands shake

with great trepidation I face a journey that I must take

my reflection is a part of me that I cannot ever erase

and there are demons in my mind that I feel so unable to face

but still I raise my head high and struggle to soldier on

because I will continue to fight until every last bit of strength is gone.”


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