The Sun Always Rises

sometimes the pressure to be happy is suffocating

a smile plastered on your face like a poorly made facade

the radiating brightness seems surreal and exaggerated

all caught up in attempts to have the sunniest disposition

and have the most pieces of your life stitched haphazardly together

like a patchwork quilt composed of pliable emotions

sometimes you simply cannot help but collapse and crumble

become broken fragments splayed out across the floor

everyone is always fighting to hold their heads up high

under the weight of the world resting squarely on their shoulders

without any regard for the immeasurable pain it causes

and the storm clouds and lashing rain it makes hard to escape

sometimes blind faith is impossible to keep up

and your footprints in the sand show signs of stumbles and falls

try as you might the journey is difficult and convoluted

requiring every ounce of fortitude and courage that is contained in your body

yet there is a deep void of black emptiness inside you

a vortex of sadness and depression that eats away at your insides

insidiously stealing away all the glimpses of a worthwhile future

but sometimes the sun shines so brightly it cannot be ignored

and your wooden features become open and animated

the world becomes open and full of promise once again

and the music of happy thoughts plays endlessly in your head

shadows are banished to the corner where they then become forgotten

masks are dropped and the true beauty of your surroundings becomes apparent

life is a precious and amazing gift that is only given once.


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