Transition Time

Hey everyone! Long time no post again. I figured I would type up a little update for you all just to keep you in the loop about what’s going to be occurring in my treatment journey in the next few days.

Come next Saturday (eek, just one week away!) I will be transitioning to IOP. This means that I’ll only be going into program three days a week for a much more abbreviated time than I currently spend in PHP. I’ll eat dinner there and then return home for evening snack; all other meals, snacks, and free time are entirely on me. I’m going to start looking for a job to help keep myself occupied and as a way to start earning money before I head back to school in January. That sounds like forever away, but I know that time will fly. On the topic of working, if anyone would like me to housesit or pet-sit for them, both of which I’ve done numerous times before, I would love to in my spare time! Additionally, if you know of any places that I would be able to work at while still having the ability to fit in my meal plan that are currently looking for applicants, please, let me know!

Yesterday marked six straight weeks of no behaviors. This means that I haven’t restricted or overexercised for a whole month and a half, which is a huge achievement. Considering where I was just a few months ago, I’ve made tremendous progress and I’m really genuinely proud of myself for that. I’m growing in confidence every day and starting to try and come to terms with how my body looks and feels. Some days are more difficult than others; there are times where I wake up and feel absolutely disgusting. But I’m beginning to recognize that this is like my mind working through a distorted filter. What I see and what I feel differ greatly from what is the actual truth. Today happens to be a good day; I woke up this morning feeling more comfortable with the way I look than I have in a long time. However, I’m home sick from program today, which makes it a little bit of a downer. I also have Sunday off, and then it’s back on Monday. I’ll only be going in three days next week though as I taper off from PHP in preparation for my transition to IOP.

That’s really all I have to say for now! I’ll continue to try and post more frequently as I find myself with more and more free time. I hope to continue to inspire others to work towards recovery with my story; I hope that I have managed to do so for at least one person thus far. Recovery isn’t easy, but so far, I’ve discovered that it’s definitely worth it.

Much love as always and thank you all so much for your continual support and encouragement ❤ Enjoy the beautiful weather!


3 thoughts on “Transition Time

  1. Emma I’m so proud of how far you’ve come and it’s been incredibly inspiring to see your journey. I truly hope that you can fully recover and be at peace with your mind and body. Keep up the hard work and best of luck with iop! I’ll be checking back regularly as I love your posts! You inspire me to fight my ED and follow my mp even when it’s difficult. Thank you ❤


  2. I have been inpatient for exercise bulimia and in IOP for it too. My program director did not understand the challenges posed by certain psych meds and when I gained over a long holiday weekend, she discharged me. I was wondering if you’d read my recovery blog “Three sizes of Clothes.” It’s an analogy about not throwing myself away. I don’t get on scales either, for that matter.


  3. I’m so proud of you! You should be incredibly proud of yourself also, because all of this is your doing, your hard work and your determination to live free from this (which you fully fully deserve). xx


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