Poetic Pain

Dark red rivulets of fire coursing through my veins

Bright ocher sunset in view after the passing rain

My mind trapped in a web of thoughts that won’t abate

Nightmarish remnants of extreme sadness and hate

Eyes that look towards the sky reflecting a dying hope

And a will to continue that’s reached the end of its rope

Dreams of a future free of oppression dance past in my head

But down a dark treacherous path is where I’ve been led

Absently I ponder the question of why I bother to exist

And continue my journey with all its sharp turns and twists

No answer surfaces and so I close my eyes with a heavy sigh

Desperately wishing that I could be free and soaring up high

The sadness burns its way through my body with incredible ease

With such excruciating speed that it brings me to my knees

The sun disappears behind the line of the horizon far away

And I let my mind wander to dreams of a newer, better day.”





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