Hanging on by a Thread

Today has just been a tumultuously awful day. The only thing keeping me going is the hope that sooner, rather than later, I can bid goodbye to this chapter of my life.

My body image is in the trash and my feelings on myself as a person on the whole are also decidedly negative. It’s such a bizarre phenomenon. I fit into clothes that I would have split apart at the seams if I tried to jam myself into them months and months ago, but I feel so much more dissatisfied with the way I look now. I can’t imagine anyone hating themselves more than I hate myself right now. I’m really just hanging on by a thread here. A really thin, fraying thread.

Does anyone have any positive affirmations or words they use during dark times like this? If you do, they’d be much appreciated.

You can submit them in the survey below. Much love 💜

Click the link to be taken to the survey.



One thought on “Hanging on by a Thread

  1. I always tell myself “I am capable of so much more than just being looked at”.
    You are an incredibly talented writer and artist and have the power to touch many lives. You might not see the value in yourself but that’s not to say that it’s not there. Keep on challenging the ed thoughts until one day it becomes automatic and gets replaced by a healthier mindset. Remember what YOUR values are and not the values of ED. You can do this! You have overcome so much and are so brave and strong!


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