Concerning Living

on the multifaceted topic that concerns living I find that

the sun shines brightly from the depths of your gaze

it rises and sets in your eyes with a brilliance that defies logic

how can one continually be so brave as to keep death at bay

just by virtue of solemnly keeping a lonely heart beating

defiantly soldiering on into the very crux of the war

the battle, the never ending struggle to continue on surviving

and in so doing, set the sky ablaze with a light that will never fade

a pen dragged across paper like a knife slithering against skin

words cutting into the mind’s defenses with all the ease in the world

wounds that manifest themselves so egregiously

there is pain and heartbreak in the rise and fall of your chest

which raggedly keeps time so that the devil might not win

we are all given one chance at this miracle called existence

hurriedly scribbling or meticulously crafting our days in ink

mistakes are made and penalties are then justly paid

in colors so vibrant that they rival the blinding glow of the sun

yet somehow, you manage to continue on your tumultuous journey still

bloodied by letters strung together into oppressive and hateful remarks

if living is what we are put on this earth to do then I postulate

that to ceaselessly fight every day to so do is nothing short of incredible

and deserving of all the love and admiration possible to give”




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