Depression Hurts

Depression hurts.

It’s the crushing weight keeping me from feeling able to get up in the mornings, pressing down on my chest so that I can barely breathe with the physical and emotional pain of it.

Depression hurts.

It’s the intense waves of self hatred  that bombard me as I stare at myself in the mirror, loathing and analyzing every inch of my body.

Depression hurts.

It’s the complete apathy I feel daily. The hopelessness that overtakes me whenever I think about my future. The extreme sadness that permeates my every thought and action.

Depression hurts.

It’s the reason I burst into tears with seemingly no warning. The motivation to curl up into a tiny ball and try to disappear. The cruel voice whispering constantly in my ear that I’ll never be good enough, that I’ll forever be worthless, that I’m ugly and stupid and unloveable, and that I’ll always be alone.

Depression hurts.


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