Some Positive with Your Monday

So today in my meeting with my case manager, we decided to do an exercise we’d discussed in our previous meeting. We grabbed a couple giant pieces of paper, taped them together and to the floor, and had me draw what I felt the outline of my body looked like in profile with a Sharpie. Naturally, I took special care to outline the areas I felt the worst about, which included my stomach and my butt. After I made my outline, she had me lie down on my side on the paper so she could trace where I actually fell.

The results were staggering, to say the least. The real outline was far thinner than what I had drawn. I’m still convinced I’m fat and disproportionate and disgusting, but this did do a lot to demonstrate the power of body dysmorphia. And with any hope, it’ll help me make progress going forward.

In other news, I got my own coffee mug on outing yesterday. It’s not quite as cool as the one pictures above; but I thought it was appropriate anyways. Peace love and coffee ❤️


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