Well, Do I?



One thought on “Well, Do I?

  1. Hey Emma, I went to high school with you and I think we had a few conversations. I heard about your illness by a mutual friend liking your posts on Facebook. I just wanted to say that I hope you recover and that through it you learn to love yourself. I’ve had anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder on and off, in various combinations since I was a kid. And through my own recovery process these past few years, I’ve learned the most important thing is to be selfish. Do whatever’s best for you and love yourself more than anyone else. It will sound ridiculous and it will make you upset and angry. But the only person in this world who knows how you feel and is 100% invested in your life and your recovery is you. I hope you see that you’re worth recovery and you’re worth self love but it’s not up to me. Or anyone. Except you. I can’t say I look forward to your choices, but I like to be optimistic. May your spirit rise.

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