My Life as a Roller Coaster

Every morning I wake up tired but in a good mood. I eat breakfast and stay in a decent mood. Then my day starts to decline with the continuity of meals and groups that we’re subjected to here. Eventually at the end of the day I’ve been through so many loop the loops and hills and valleys that all I want to do is sleep, but I seldom ever can. It’s like the craziest, most awful, most painful roller coaster ride ever. And I hate it. Take this morning for example. I took that picture first thing when I felt confident enough not to wear a baggy sweatshirt or top and instead an open cardigan and tighter shirt. I’m thoroughly regretting that decision right now, and as the day goes on I think I’ll only regret it all the more.

And so the day progresses. At least it’s sunny out now. I hope it’s cloudy tomorrow again though.


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