Not All for Naught

Today marks the start of my second full day here. Complying is slowly burning a hole in my brain, but I want out of here as soon as possible. And, if I’m given to understand the massively complex science that goes into the whole weight (re)distribution and refreshing process, in order to stand any chance of looking normal at the end of this I need to keep eating these absurd amounts of food consistently. So that’s what we’re going to do, I guess, and hate hate hate myself all the merry way. Right now the weight has all centered itself around my torso, my face, and my butt, which is all extremely triggering and not at all pleasing (well, the butt I mind a little less). But again, science says this is what’s supposed to happen. Basically, science had better not be wrong, or I’m going to go more ballistic than I already have.

Breakfast will supposedly be soon. I’ll check back in after that, maybe with a vlog. Much love 💜


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