A Lonely Song

everyone fell in love with the tiny dancer with fragile glass bones and a crystalline heart

that reflected rainbows in the light whenever she seldom emerged from the shadows

they could see it flutter like the beat of a hummingbird’s wing and wanted to keep her safe

so they opened their arms and gave her an embrace like a shield to guard her from the outside

but the inner mechanations of her mind were hidden demons in the dark

lying in wait to prey upon her thoughts and dreams until only massacred remnants remained

and try as they might no one could truly offer her a safe haven from the monsters within

the stars in the sky shone down on her as if to light and guide her lonely way

as the tears in her eyes obfuscated her vision and froze into sorrowful shards

with great effort she extended her arms outwards in a desperately graceful plea for help

until the rivers of sadness crept up and overtook her body, rendering her a statue

and trapped as she was, she was sadly never to discover the true depth and substance of her beauty

left instead to acquiesce to pain and suffering without knowing just how truly she was loved”

-emma cavanaugh


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