Grey Skies, Sad Eyes

Another absurdly large breakfast down, and about two and a half hours until my team meeting. 

My new roommate was sent especially by Satan to torture me. I’m pretty sure that someone made a deal with the devil to make it so that every little thing that comes out of her mouth happens to be something triggering or just plain awful to hear. For once I actually don’t mind the hour of time I have to sit out in the hallway; hopefully she’ll be down for a test she supposedly has when I get back and we’ll keep just missing each other. Maybe that makes me sound horrible. It’s also entirely possible that I couldn’t care less given how awful everything she says and does makes me feel.

Breakfast was pretty much the standard I’m used to now, which is disgusting. I had to finish off scrambled eggs, two blueberry pancakes, two containers of Cheerios with Lactaid, two servings of somewhat sour grapes, a peach Greek yogurt, and coffee. While I sit here hating myself I get to imagine where all that food will manifest into fat on my body, which is always a fun pasttime. I also like to play these games where I pretend to distract myself with my phone and do my best to hold back the inevitable tears of self loathing. Usually I’m pretty good at hiding just how devastating this is to me. And isn’t that just cruel?


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