Mirror Mirror

In the hall of glass there is nowhere safe to turn and no place to hide

The sights you see will pull your heart out from your chest before your very eyes

Look at it beating; isn’t it frail?

Rapidly, it thrums like the wing of a trapped bird trying desperately to flee

Reflected and refracted so it sounds in your ears and brings you to your knees

In death’s face your courage will fail

Your worst fears spill forth all compounded and amplified a thousand times

Sounding out within your head like twistedly grim, sadistic rhymes

Inside your weaknesses they lie in wait

The fissures in your bones start to crack and the fabric of your soul begins to tear

Your very being rent into two halves that are completely beyond repair

Screaming noiselessly out in crimson hate

An infinite number of mirrors gleaming menacingly at your from the walls

Forever sneering that you will never ever be the fairest one of all”


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