In the Rain

The devil’s in my bones and he’s playing with my heartstrings like a musician

When you draw near you’ll hear the formidable song he plays if you listen

It talks about love and it talks about hurt and talks about death dancing with me in the rain

He laughs at my tears and he smirks at my hopes and enjoys twirling me into a world of pain 

And he talks loudly so he’s all I hear even when he’s not saying much of substance

My heartbeat always speeds up as he pulls me close and then makes his demand for one last dance

The rain is my tears and this song screams my fears about feeling worthless and pointless and cold

The dance is a waltz but it’s slow like a march with a beat that drives nails into my brain until I fold

Until now I’ve managed to stave him off just long enough to last to the end of the haunting melody

But my strength is waning and my will is crumbling and soon the devil will finally have his way with me

I’ll struggle and fight to set myself free from his embrace but it’ll be too little an effort too late 

His eyes will lock onto mine and his grasp will climb up my throat and then I’ll have to accept my fate

The devil’s in my bones and he’s turning off the lights in the tunnels and slamming every single door

And now my hopes are fading and my dreams are falling around me and I’m in need of a savior

Will you come whisk me out of his frightening grip and dance with me in the pouring storm

Can you hold me when I ask and find me when I’m lost and vow that you’ll always keep me warm

Will you whisper reassurances in my ear while you wrap me in safety and tell me to look at the stars

To find one that sparkles brightly and cast my wishes up towards it so that I’ll never lose them no matter how far

The devil’s in my bones and he’ll play with my heartstrings unless you step in from above

And send him away with your refusal to leave and your promise that I’ll always, always be loved.”


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