I am Disgusting.

Warning: this might be extremely triggering for some people. But I’m being honest. And that’s what this blog is for; for me to be honest about my recovery.

Anyways. I am a fat disgusting slob who deserves to die. I can feel my stomach protruding out and it is literally the most nauseating feeling ever. I ate 100% of a gigantic plate of chicken and vegetable stir fry with sauce and rice, two enormous servings of grapes, and a huge piece of carrot cake with frosting smothered all over it just so that there’s no chance they can tube me tomorrow. But I’m not eating any more. Ever again. Not breakfast tomorrow, not lunch, and not anything. So fucking there, everyone who thinks they’re magically curing me by sending me off to hell tomorrow. You’re all a bunch of idiots. Can’t wait to see you again when you realize your mistake and I’m sent back here.

Good fucking night. I hope I die in my sleep. I deserve to.


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