Attack of the Lunch Meat

Today for lunch we decided to play the game called “How many slices of deli turkey can we possibly cram into one wrap?” Other than the most absurdly plump turkey and lettuce filled wrap to have ever existed, I had a salad with apple and cucumber, and too much dressing, as per usual, plus an orange and a dinner roll because goodness knows there definitely weren’t enough carbs already. Then they added soymilk and water just to make sure I was filled to the bursting point.

But overall… Still sort of the calm before the storm, leaving me wondering what hell is going to break loose at dinner tonight. Hopefully it’s manageable and hopefully my team is actively working to get me out of here. My roommate should be leaving at some point today, and I can’t help but be jealous. My life is such a monotonous hell right now; I can barely believe how relegated I’ve become to the process of get up, wait, eat, go back, wait, eat, go back, wait, eat, go back, sort of sleep, repeat. I need a change, and I need it soon. I need outpatient.


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