An Extra Day of February

And all across the world, leap babies rejoice as they turn another juvenile aged year old and social media sites ask us what we plan on doing with this extra day on earth, all while assuming the general public is unaware that the extra day is really the sum total of four quarter days that come with each respective year.

Anyways. What do I plan on doing with my extra day? Unfortunately, the same thing I’ve done with every day lately, it would seem. Which doesn’t excite me at all; in fact, it depresses me.

The one thing I am considering doing differently is taking a hiatus from social media, save for these blog posts. There’s so much online that’s triggering, whether intentionally or unintentionally. And that’s really detrimental to whatever slim chance I stand at recovery.

So for now I’ll reshare my gofundme page with you all in the hopes that people might be so kind as to donate even a little bit to help make my dream a reality (click this text for the link) and say good morning as I attempt to nap a little bit more before my extra day gets less than auspiciously started.

… Much love, all the same. ❤️


One thought on “An Extra Day of February

  1. I don’t do anything on social media…well I have my blog. It was making me super anxious. It’s made a huge difference for me. I hope it will help you, and I think it’s very brave of you to put it on hold for yourself 💜


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