Happy Sunday from Robot Land

Beep. Intake food. Boop. Output misery.

Breakfast today was again enormous. A serving of scrambled eggs, two giant blueberry pancakes, two bowls of Cheerios with Lactaid, grapes, and a peach Greek yogurt with coffee as well. At this point it’s so mindless I’m surprised I don’t sprout metal arms and legs and begin moving animatronically. I hate sitting around other people who don’t have to eat all of this. I just want to go home.

My roommate is hacking up a lung, but at least now she can eat and boy, does she have an appetite. It’s immensely triggering to be around people who aren’t eating. I wish I wasn’t so concerned about what other people were doing or thinking. Or looking like or any of that. In general I wish I gave less of a shit about other people in general, since that’s a big part of why I am where I am right now.

My mind feels cloudy and foggy, like this weather is outside. Maybe I’ll try and take a nap after this. Only forty more minutes of waiting, after all. And then only 3 hours until Robot Emma comes back. 

How long will I take until there’s an error message?


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