Rising with the Sun

*Facebook has decided for me that I post too many blog updates and need to be temporarily restricted from posting 😂 Hope you all still find your way here!*

My sleep schedule is all screwed up now, but essentially I’ve been awake since before the sun even rose. My best guesstimate would be around 5:30. I’m also madly loving the fact that “guesstimate” is recognized as an official dictionary word, according to my phone.

I ended up going to bed very early, at least, which Benjamin Franklin did say would supposedly make me healthy, wealthy, and wise. We’ll have to see. Breakfast is in two hours. I have a new roommate, and getting back to sleep was already seeming impossible without taking into account the barrage of doctors who will probably be in to see her this morning. So we’ll just take it slowly. I think I’ll ask for my walk now and then try and distract myself with something else afterwards. My nurse said that she’ll give me the walk if she has time… If she doesn’t, I’m self advocating for two during the next shift since I deserve the time and am allotted it no matter what. It definitely is helping getting to see the sun rise for the first time in days, but I’ve still got a very long day ahead of me. For now, I’ll leave it here, and say that I’ll check back in later. Much love ❤️


One thought on “Rising with the Sun

  1. Thinking of you…sending hugs and strength 24-7. Thank you for sharing your poetry and writing…pure soul food! I know in my heart you are helping others as you yourself work so hard to find peace and good health. Persevere Miss Emma!
    “For poems are not words, after all,
    but fires for the cold,
    ropes let down to the lost,
    something as necessary as bread
    in the pockets of the hungry.”
    ~ Mary Oliver

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