Trying to Deal with Dinner

Right now I’m trying to deal with this by not thinking about what I had to eat. Instead, I’m trying to just consider it in the past and to move forward. It was my last meal of the day and soon I’ll be in bed hopefully sleeping much better than I have the past few days.

The outpatient meal plan would be far less stringent and far less caloric. I’m trying to keep it in my head that I’m here for medical stabilization purposes only, and that exceptionally large weight gains at first are normal, and that weight and bloating tend to accumulate around the stomach first because that’s where the vital organs are, and a lot of it will also be water retention that will eventually disappear… Good lord. It doesn’t help that I can only see out of one contact properly right now as I type either.

I’m sweating bullets too, which I guess is something else I can look forward to as my metabolism readjusts. At least it’s a sign of something. I’m just not sure if I can take it. We’ll try. Please help.


One thought on “Trying to Deal with Dinner

  1. I’ve forgotten how uncomfortable refeeding is. I used to get night sweats so terribly. Sometimes it helped to think of that my body was burning up the fuel. I was expending energy even as I slept. It was silly but helped.


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