Fighting to Survive

Today is potentially going to be the most difficult day in my recovery yet.

Yesterday was the lowest I have ever felt. Today my task is to begin to pick up the pieces and formulate a plan to put my life on track, all while doing things that make me feel so depressed and anxious it’s nearly impossible to manage.

My breakfast should be here in about an hour, so my first challenge of the day is to do 100% of it. After that, I’m going to be doing some serious research and introspection to find out if living this life is something I want to continue doing, and if so, how I want to go about making sure I can.

This is a very dark and serious topic; I’m aware. Any and all respect and encouragement regarding it is very welcomed. Thank you, and much love 💜


3 thoughts on “Fighting to Survive

  1. I think researching is a good idea – knowledge is power. I know I’ve learned so much about AN through you. Praying!

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  2. There’s a blog call ‘beautybeyondbones’ and you should read it. I know you’re feeling extremes right now, but everyone on here, and out there – are so proud of you. You can do this. You just have to allow for some give. It’s okay to be you, in fact, it’s wonderful. 💜


  3. I feel such compassion for you Emma because I too have dealt with depression and anxiety my whole life. Your ability to stay open with those who love you is incredibly wise. (((HUGS)))
    “Without depression and anxiety, I would not be who I am;
    A person who can see beauty and humour in the smallest
    and least likely of things; appreciating others’ kindness tenfold.
    When the black clouds of despair descend and life seems pointless,
    I try to remember that one day in the future, perhaps this very day,
    a gentle breeze will blow the clouds away and allow the sunshine in.
    When that happens the world is a new and magical place and I wish
    to live forever.” ~Irene Grodecki


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