Post Breakfast Blues

First off, an update on the whole vlogging thing… This website doesn’t allow for the file type of video my phone produces to be attached, and no converter can manage a file size beyond that of maybe me halfway blinking at the camera. So if I want to add a video component to a blog post, I’ll just post it on Facebook. If you’re interested in seeing them, there’s a link to my official Facebook up top. *** Please message me why you’re requesting to add me if we don’t know each other already!

Now to the actual point of this post… I did 100% at breakfast. It wasn’t that bad. But I still feel incredibly guilty and unhappy with myself. Breakfast happens to be the only meal I get a hunger cue for, and it fades about two seconds into everything they make me eat here. In addition, the easy breakfast means a hellish lunch and dinner, so I’ve come to learn. It also doesn’t help that my roommate is barely eating due to not feeling well. How I wish. But then I also wish for a life without this disorder. Much love 💜


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