Defective Doors, Lunch Lines, and Boring Bedrest

I can’t sto-o-o-o-p (with this alliteration thing)

Anyways, ridiculousness outside, I decided to make another vlog for you all. Again, the video itself can be accessed on my Facebook, or, if you’re actively logged into to Facebook, by clicking this pretty purple text. It’s pretty much the only way I have to entertain myself right now, so bear with me and give it a listen if you care to hear me talk about all the exciting stuff not going on right now. The biggest news is that my bathroom door is jammed shut, which I find a little bit hilarious. My sense of humor is a bit tired today along with me (this is also the reason for the goofy title screen at the beginning of the video, in case you were curious).

Anyways, lunch is soon, so I’ll catch up with you all after that fresh hell. Much love 💜


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