Another Day Done

I’ve basically gotten through another day of treatment; all that remains is last snack. Because I’ve been doing so poorly with my meals and fluids, they’re going to have me meet with the on call doctor about the NG tube again. I’ll refuse, again. If anything different comes of this meeting, I’ll be sure to let everyone know as soon as I can.

Once visiting hours, snack, and that meeting are done with, it’ll be on to the weekend here at Klarman. If I’m still here, I’ll have to really try and keep myself occupied to make sure the demons stay away. Again, my status is sort of hanging in the balance and could change at a moment’s notice, but some options if I’m here are to watch movies, craft, write, or nap. Honestly all four sound pretty nice; I really should get working on that story, though. I have some plans for how it’s going to go, it’s just a matter of actually getting them down onto paper (or in this case, a screen).

I’m absolutely exhausted so I’m gonna go to bed the first chance I get. If anything more newsworthy than my head hitting the pillow happens in between now and then, I’m sure you’ll find out. For now, ladies and gents, that’s all we have for you tonight.

Sleep well when you do, everybody 💜


One thought on “Another Day Done

  1. Your working hard, good for you! I thought Klarmen didn’t do NG tubes. At least they didn’t use to, they used to send people out to get them and then they would come back or tube them and remove the tube after each bolus of nutrition. Has that changed.
    I know having a tube is far from ideal, but is that in your bet interest, not EDs but yours. You don’t have to answer, I just want you to be making the decision to get one or not based on what’s in your best interest and not of what ED is telling you.
    Stay Strong!
    Maybe I’ll send you some snail mail!


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