Statuesquely Shattered

pale faced with a morbid soul and crystalline veins

torn apart and bleeding out her prismacolored pain

a fragile glass dancer all alone wanting to feel alive

but lying shattered on the floor simply waiting there to die

there’s red for all the hurt she feels and orange for her burning hate

that melds in with yellow as a searing reminder that she ate

a dark green contrast for her volatile and mysterious moods

and an achingly lovely blue for all the times she’s cried out about food

a dark indigo for her fragile heart that was forgotten long ago

and a blooming purple that against her skin makes it white as snow

pallid with a fading light and thoughts that ring insane

chaotic glimpses of a past and present and a future increasingly vague

the colors seep around her in varied intoxicating shades

and her desperation to be saved from this stabs at her like blades

a myriad of faces pass by her like a busy train rushing past

each there for a moment like a frozen frame that can never last

they’re fleetingly devastating reminders of whom she’ll leave behind

should her last scrap of strength fade into shadows that leave her blind

she can sense death’s bony fingers wrapped around her throat with a chill

that easily could tighten up and simply crush her for the kill

then she sighs out all the excruciation she’s been made to take on

and the colors begin to fade until they’re finally all gone

poor ruined little glass dancer, like a bird that cannot fly

resigned to a world of greys while watching the world pass her by

I keep her close to my heart due to a heartwrenching reality

because this mess of a dethroned angel is all that’s left of me”

-emma cavanaugh


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