The Last Day

Well, it’s here. My last full day at BI. It should be a pretty eventful one, considering that my team is meeting and I actually get to speak to nutrition today after what’s felt like a lifetime. Probably nothing will come of that, though. It’s one of those rainy days where you just sit and curl up with a blanket and a nonexistent fireplace because you’re actually in the hospital. Such is life, but this chapter will be ending soon.

Breakfast is in about two hours. Until then I have only meds to get through, so I’ll probably end up working on my novel (yay!) I had some ideas last night and I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning (no, you did not in fact read that incorrectly, unfortunately), so I’m looking forwards to getting some of them actually written up.

In terms of later? I’ll keep you guys posted (hahaha, so punny) as to what transpires.

For now, much love, and I hope you’re all either sleeping or slept better than I did! ❤


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