… What’s that funny word, you ask?

It can’t be a word in English, can it?

What does it mean? Why is it the title? When are you going to answer some of these questions that I’m purportedly asking?

Sorry. My sense of humor gets a little dumb when I’m tired, and I am most definitely tired as anything right now. A little advice and common sense for you all; perhaps try and sleep in later than 3:30 am. Unless you’re like me and can’t. And then you just kind of have to embrace the suckiness.

Anyways! Off of my tangent. The title is Hiraeth because I’ve decided that’s going to be the name of my novel I’m writing! I don’t feel bad about sharing this information with you at all; you can look up the word all you want. Heck, I’ll even explain it to you. But it’s not giving anything major away, and I was really excited to find a title that resonated with me so much that I wanted to tell you all 🙂

Hiraeth is not in fact a word in English. Rather, it’s a Welsh word defined as such when you Google it:


It’s a really beautiful word with a really beautiful meaning in that kind of romanticized, achy-breaky way all we authors secretly love (okay, blanket statement. I love it).

The novel will follow the heroine along her journey, which will mirror mine, as promised.

And the grand reveal of said heroine’s name, one might ask? Might I dare reveal that too?

Yup. It’ll be Emáryth. (see the casual similarity?) I did promise that there’d be elements of fantasy, but that it’d be closely tied to real life; thus the name. You’ll see the others are a lot like it in structure as time comes… But that hour is not yet upon us. Hah.

Enjoy your little tiny sneak preview, and your mornings! Much love ❤

-Emma Cavanaugh




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