Emma Cavanaugh; Author

Ever since that disaster of a morning post breakfast that snuck its way right into lunch, I’ve been looking for ways to distract myself. I’ve already gone on my one permitted walk for the shift, which is always enjoyable… and yet, somehow, demeaning (ahem)

Anyways. At some point today I’ll start organizing and setting aside the things I will need to have with me at Klarman. Most of that is going to have to be done by my parents, though, since I can’t be home in person to do it. As much as I would like to be.

But moving on. Lately a lot of people have told me that I should take my story and turn it into a memoir, or that I should write a book, or that I should compile a collection of poetry. The general consensus, however, is that I should be an author, and that I should do it now.

So I thought of some sort of weird amalgamation; I concocted some bizarre combination; I crafted a uniquely conglomerated product. However you prefer.

Under the pen name (or pseudonym, since I love that word a lot) Emma Cavanaugh, I’ll write my story, my memoir, my poetry, and my book, all in one.

I’m sure you have questions now. Let’s address them one by one, as my OCD prefers.

  • Why Emma Cavanaugh?
    • It was my nana’s maiden name and I’ve always loved it. Plus, she loved literature as well, and my initials would even stay the same as a bonus (hooray!)
  • What is this going to look like?
    • Well, what I’m thinking of is in fact one cohesive piece of literature, actually.
  • How are you going to manage that?
    • Technically I white lied a little bit above; it might end up being a trilogy or a series or whatnot. But it’s going to be a story, just with some unusual tweaks.
  • Could you stop being so mysterious? And vague?
    • Maybe. If you ask nicely enough.
  • Okay. Please?
    • Yeah, sure, but only because I like/love all of you.
    • My plan is to write my story from the perspective of another. Essentially, I’ll still be the main character, and it will have the framework of my journey, but it won’t be verbatim what I’ve gone through.
      • There will be fantasy elements, I’m sure.
      • There will be lots of characters. Some will represent actual people who are taking this journey with me in one way or another, others will just be for the sake of a good, dramatic storyline.
      • It won’t adhere directly to my story, therefore, like I mentioned. But the things I believe are most important to preserve, especially the emotionality and the honesty, will still be very present.
  • When are you going to start writing it?
    • If enough people would actually read this stupendously weird and slapdash Frankenstein’s monster of a novel, whenever I get that green light.
  • Would you try and publish it?
    • Picture the same sort of answer as above with a little bit of financial and physical sensibility and limitation.
  • Are you going to put a poll in here so that I can vote about whether or not I’d read it?
    • Duh (mind reader)
  • What should I do if I have suggestions?
    • Tell me somehow! Comment here or message me or do whatever you need to get them into my brain, and I’ll take them or defer them at my liberty. Wow, what a concept (hardeeharhar).

And that’s all, folks! Looney me out. Much love to you all ❤


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