Taking Destiny Into My Own Hands

So today I woke up and made a pivotal decision.

Yesterday was a wreck. I was a mess of tears and negative emotions; my anxiety and depression became so overwhelming that eventually I just went numb. I decided that I couldn’t continue this way. I needed more psychological help, more support for my mental disorders than I was receiving, and I needed it fast.

So I ended up coming to the conclusion to ask my team to transfer me to their psychological unit. I’ll still be in BI, I’ll still be sick. But I’ll be addressing some of the major issues that bring and pin me down. Is this the wisest decision? Some may say no. But sometimes the road untraveled proves to be the correct path to have taken.

As a side note, it’s now officially two weeks until my twentieth birthday. I can think of no more symbolic way to leave my teenage years behind than starting to take my life back into my hands, rather than leaving it at the whims of others, however well intentioned or not they may be.

Hopefully it will be a happy early birthday gift to myself. Much love 💜”


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