On to Klarman

So the official word from my team is that I can’t transfer to the psych unit because they wouldn’t have the resources to take care of me as an eating disorder patient. Instead, therefore, I did a phone intake interview with a representative from McLean’s Klarman Center today. My team will be in contact with them and hopefully I can transfer sooner than soon. I can’t take this any longer; I’ll lose my mind eating enough food for an entire army with triggers everywhere and no say in the matter. Hopefully things work out and they take me seriously.

Right now though I’m tired, so I’m going to try and either take a nap after a walk or just rest and relax. I’m hooked up to an IV for fluids right now, however, which makes everything ten times more difficult, especially if you’re a klutz like me. Curse you, IV wires. Curse you, constant need to pee. Curses. Literally, imagine foul language that I’m censoring because I’m too tired to bother (odd, I know).

Much love, and I’ll keep you all updated 💜

Two Weeks Until Twenty!


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