Despairing, Disastrous, Dysfunctional, Dreadful

Gee. You’d almost think those words were synonyms for dinner at this point. Let’s go through the hell that was tonight.

First off, I found out that the earliest I can go and be transferred to Klarman is Wednesday morning. That means I’m stuck here in the oppposite of paradise for four whole more days. Three disgustingly large meals a day. 12 more to get through. God.

Second, my dinner didn’t show up for an entire HOUR after it was scheduled to. This made me incredibly anxious and angry. Now I have to sit here for another hour or so of time I could have spent getting ready for bed or being mindless; I’m exhausted. I feel like a grandma.

I also feel so immensely frustrated that despite that my weight has gone up stupidly high, I’m still required to eat like a whale every meal. Dinner tonight was a plate of brocoli and carrot sticks, vegetarian chili, four giant pieces of turkey with mashed potatoes, ice cream, and somehow, a complete lack of anything to drink or these things called utensils so that we don’t look like cavemen. Whatever. I feel gross and I just have to embrace my grossness for a solid four more days. Hooray. Whoop-de-fucking-do. I’ll be a blimp they have to roll out of here to Klarman by then. 



One thought on “Despairing, Disastrous, Dysfunctional, Dreadful

  1. So this has nothing to do with this post, not really anyways…You are incredibly talented. I took a peek at your instagram pictures and oh my goodness your drawings are awesome. Once you are in your new setting with a new tx team, I urge you to share not only your work but also the pictures of you and friends and your life. There is so much depth to your being. So much more to share besides food. Your journey is going to be difficult but so beautiful. I hope you can find your moments of grace along the way.

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