Dancing with a Deathly Dinner Date

My alliteration may be stellar as always, but dinner was not.

I sat down and did the damn thing again. I’m not sure how I did, considering the massive amount of food that was on my plate. My meal plan seems to be increasing left right and center… A veggie burger with a massive bun, bland rice, canned peaches, strawberries, a ton of Lactaid, a huge pile of carrot sticks, and some vanilla ice cream to top it all off. No normal person consumes this much. And I may not be normal in many ways, but this is fucking ridiculous. Pardon my language.

I don’t know how much more of this I can take, especially not with this other patient on the floor triggering me every time she opens her mouth or moves at all.


3 thoughts on “Dancing with a Deathly Dinner Date

  1. You are so right, a “normal” person wouldn’t eat that much. Not even people on that show “My 600lb life” would eat that combination of food!!!!


  2. When I was hospitalized for mental health reason, eating disorder being one of them, it felt like hell the first 3 months, total hell. Every Time a “new anorexic or bulimic” girl would come in, it definitely set a trigger. She will be where you’re at…shortly. Trust me, by the time you’re done recovery..you will be happy you ate those huge meals! I know I was at least, I’m so much more happier than I’ve ever been! Hope you start feeling better with yourself! Give yourself some credit!


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