To My Lost Love

I remember when I used to look into your eyes and see the expanse of the world

Do you recall what it was to love me when I was not the broken girl?

I’d curl up in your arms and let the thrum of your heart lull me to sleep

Now I just have memories of feeling so ridiculously complete

You would laugh and my whole entire being would feel reassured

But today there are just faint echoes of the true happiness I heard

Artifacts and glimpses of us together are all I really have left

And it’s fading fast, all the time with each other we spent 

I wonder if you ever reminisce and think of me and miss

All the jokes, the heart to hearts, the intimacy, our last kiss

Even our fights, which always lasted all of a moment

It’ll be my demise if I keep wishing you back, won’t it?

Still I send out a plea to every star glimmering above

That we might still someday have every day be Valentine’s, my love. 


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