Hoping for Happiness

Here’s hoping that today goes well. I’ve been up since 6, when they came in to weigh me, but I was also woken up at 1 and 5 am respectively in order to have fluids bolused and labs drawn to check my electrolyte levels since my vitals have been pretty poor. On the bright side of things, I got to see the sunrise (or what you could glimpse through this depressing cloud cover) this morning, and I get to have a solid food breakfast. It’ll still be enormously difficult to eat, but I don’t want to go back to liquids.

Hopefully this morning will be far less chaotic and far more organized than yesterday. I hope to talk to a lot of my team and really start advocating for myself so I can be as comfortable and as happy as possible in such a restrictive, and at times, frightening, program. I’ll check in with you all after breakfast; right now I need to go grab meds and get my orthostatic vitals done. Party time here! Anyways.

Much love ❤


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