Dinner… And then Demise

Dinner itself was not so bad. A bottle of water, a piece of white fish, rice pilaf with vegetables, and then a ridiculous ton of carrot sticks and celery that took forever to chew.

But then there was dessert. A massive piece of carrot cake smothered in frosting. A behemoth beast sent from hell to break me down to nothing. I choked it down in the five minutes I had remaining. I’m feeling numb because of the medicine I took ahead of time on purpose, but I know I’m going to go insane. Oceans and oceans of tears. Wanting to just give up so badly right now. Just flat out give up. 

Defeated by dessert. What a way to go. But I guess that’s how this disease works.


One thought on “Dinner… And then Demise

  1. Don’t worry about it tonight, tomorrow is another day! Been dealing with the same things for YEARS! You just have to take it a day at a time.


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