Calm and Confident

I love this photo because I look happy and content with who I am, as evidenced by the genuine sunny smile on my face. You can also see the accumulation of jewelry I have from some very close family and friends, who inspire me each and every day to try my hardest to reach recovery. There are my Walden bracelets, which remind me of Abi, Ash, Aliyah, Alexa, Julia, Molly, Samantha, Samantha, Kimberly, Brooke, Laura, Lauren, Mollie, Stephanie, Briana, Jesse, Becca, Emily, Nate, Heidi, Julianne, Debra, Elizabeth, and so many more. There’s my beautiful hand beaded bracelet from Colette, my two colorful beaded ones from Miqueel, my lettered name bracelet from Betsy, and then several from my amazing mother, Kathy. I have a pendant from my dad, one from an anonymous friend, two winged guardian angel necklaces, and a necklace and a bracelet that I bought myself to remind myself of my inner strength and beauty. Thank you so much to those tagged and everyone else who has supported me so tangibly over the past few months. You are truly incredible and I love every one of you for helping me slowly learn how to smile and love myself 💜


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